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Emily Hare
Have a werewolf in your family? need a portrait? Drop Emily a line

Emma Simcock-Tooth
Beautiful paintings, just go visit.

Jim Murray
A fave comic artist from 10 years ago, and still is looking at this site. Superb

Glenn Fabry
It\'s Glenn\'s Website. Nuff said

RAW Studios
Actor Thomas Janes Comic/Production company

Liam Sharp
Online site of uber artist and friend Liam Sharp also my local message board.

Mam Tor
Home of killer Anthology Event Horizon

Poppy Palin
My very best friend and a magical site.
Fairies you wouldn't want at the bottom of your garden
Kev Crossley master of weird creatures, and I mean weird.

Brian Lumley
Master of dark fantasy and horror. Creator of the vampires of Necroscope, and good friend.

Greg Staples
Greg Staples one of the best painters I've ever seen and all round good guy.

Lighthouse Media One
Major supporters of myself and some really unique and provoking publications.

One of the best small print publishers of horror around.

PS Publishing
A superb publisher of sci-fi, horror and dark fantasy.

Ramsey Campbell
One of my all time favourite authors.

Tom Shearer
Tom, the creator of this site. During the day a mild mannered programmer, by night.....arrrggghhhhh!!!!! Thanks mate.