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Posted by tom on 21 March 2006 22:30
Dave, sorry about that... I've removed the posting rights for now, and also the viagra spam. I would like to send the spammers to a hell of cold calling sales. Tom :)

Posted by Dave Kendall on 20 March 2006 18:06
Sorry about all these spam guest contacts. If you need viagara then it's useful but I suspect it's not the real reason you're visiting me.:) I'll do my best to get these removed

Posted by David C. Barkmann on 13 March 2006 01:39
My Friend, all your mork is amazing and i'm proud and Honored to know you !
Your Horror works are particulary powefull !
Tu es a un Artiste au Talent Rare !!!

Posted by John Bamber on 07 March 2006 01:40
Hi Dave,
Sorry I haven't come around earlier but it's a terrific site. Keep up the amazing work and treating us all to the recesses of your mind. The dark swampy bits :)

Posted by Tom on 01 March 2006 01:28

I'll have a look as to why the links aren't working in your news area - I have a sneaking suspicion that it's an easy fix.

I really like the new gallery:) it's cool.

Catch you later,


Posted by Marc P on 21 February 2006 19:32
Nice to see you're finally sharing your nightmares with the world on the net. 'Bout bloody time Mr Cuddly Wookie. Show 'em how it's done dude!

Posted by John Collinson on 18 February 2006 13:46
Hi Dave .... The site is looking good! looking forward to seeing more of the same quality work we have come to expect from you!! Get some stuff up for sale !!! we want more !!

Posted by Christian on 03 February 2006 13:09
Hola Compadre!!!
Nice site, good art, well done! What can I say, congratulations! finally you have your space in the net. I wish you a lot of noice and visits, don?t worry I?ll promote you!
Un fuerte abrazo and see you soon...

Christian (aka The Chilean)

Posted by Dave Nick on 28 January 2006 12:29
Great work on a great website Dave. You deserve every success now you've escaped from the Pod!

Posted by Chris Parsons on 26 January 2006 02:14
Hi Dave, just like to say that I love your site, great design and easy to navigate. As for your art, You are a truly gifted artist,take care. Chris Parsons

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