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Welcome to the online gallery of artist and illustrator Dave Kendall.

This site will have a comprehensive collection of most of my work.
I am an illustrator specialising in Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi art.
I have worked for a large number of companies and their number continues to grow.
In the galleries you will find selections of comics for which I have produced strips. Among them, Mam Tors Event Horizon, Brian Lumley's Necroscope, Metallica and 2000ad.
Numerous illustrations and book covers for the likes of Light House, Games Workshop, Brian Lumley, F.Paul Wilson, Ramsey Campbell, and Brian Keene.
In the future I will be putting up work produced for Wizards of The Coast,Fantasy Flight and ,Upper Deck's World Of Warcraft Trading Card game, Non-Disclosure agreements allowing. All images copyright Dave Kendall unless otherwise specified.

Feel free to browse, and to contact me. There will be original art and prints for sale where available. Some work only exists as computer files, although traditional work has a high priority for me.